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Stop Discover (and other unwanted) Calls with Asterisk

Nobody likes those annoying calls from telemarketers or Discover originating from a known number. One of the possible solutions is to block them with Asterisk. All can be done by editing the extensions.conf file a little.

All incoming calls from my provider fall to a context of callcentric. This is done in the sip.conf file:


I prefer to redirect all spamming numbers to an extension within my system, where I treat them all the same way. At times, when I used another provider, I had free incoming calls, which allowed me to answer the call, tell them to wait, play a little song, tell them to wait, play a little song, tell them to wait… And guest what comes next. I have no information, how long they were willing to wait on average, however I suppose they were pretty experienced and knew this trick, so I don't think they would have waited for long.

Now, I am paying for incoming calls. Thus I'm not willing to pay for the telemarketers' calls and my current solution is to not even answer.

The example number (that really used to called me) was 1-877-528-8511 and my extensions.conf now looks like this:

exten => 5666,1,Hangup
exten => s/18668314847,1,Goto(default,5666,1) ; Discover spam
exten => s/18663871879,1,Goto(default,5666,1) ; Discover spam
exten => s/18663760771,1,Goto(default,5666,1) ; Discover spam
exten => s/18662906227,1,Goto(default,5666,1) ; Discover spam
exten => s/18775288511,1,Goto(default,5666,1) ; Discover spam
exten => s/13018693660,1,Goto(default,5666,1) ; Homefix spam
exten => s/13018699384,1,Goto(default,5666,1) ; Homefix spam
exten => s/17033300318,1,Goto(default,5666,1) ; TLK telemarketing

Discover change the number they call from time to time, so if an unknown 800 number calls in, I refuse it, look it up at 800notes, or a similar website and either blacklist it in my Asterisk, or answer it next time they call, depending on the current level of my masochism.

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